I do some game development as NorthGames and produce music as transitFM. Mostly quirky pixel art through aesprite + pyxeledit. I code in GML through Game Maker Studio 2. I make music with various instruments but mostly battery operated gadgets. Below are some section highlighting some of my work. Thanks for stopping by. <3

#gamedev stuff

From time to time I write some code and push pixels around. Below are some examples of what I’m working on, feel free to follow these projects using the nifty button below.


I make music from time to time, mostly synthpop inspired a bit of 80s quirky with some 8-bit game sounds. Its weird, but you might like it. I publish music as ‘transitFM’, I know its confusing?! lol just have a listen below or swing by bandcamp



Hey, lets work together! I can help with pixel art, animation, game development, graphic design or make some music, or we can just be friends.