about me

I am a dad of three babies, husband, college professor and IT director. I wear many hats in my life and Game Dev is a new one that I have been challenging myself with. 

As an 80’s child during the Nintendo era, building video games had always been a childhood dream of mine.  Working with art, music, story, technology and all the skills and dedication to make videos games has always defined itself as the ultimate art form.  I put this aspiration to the wayside as I dedicated my time to developing a career in technology, succeed in academics and develop the foundation for a family.  Its time for me to bring this childhood aspiration back into my life. 

Although I have zero experience in game development, I do still have a passion for recreating the joy I experienced as a kid playing games like the Zelda Series, Mario, TMNT Turtles in Time, FZero, Mario Kart, and the list goes on.  These games influence me heavily, and I hope to push myself and struggle through this process to learn game development to be able to create something that I am proud of, something that will (I hope) evoke the same sense of nostalgia and joy I feel, in others.

Your support is greatly appreciated and helps me stay motivated to develop charming, fun video games that I hope you will one day get to play and experience.  You can help by sending me a follow on twitter or retweet my work and help spread the word.  Thanks again, much love <3

Contact Me

Feel free to reach me via the various social networks. I no longer have a contact form, it just ends up getting so much SPAM. We still haven’t found a decent solution for the SPAMmonster, but hey, if you are a human and want to chat further, you will know how to find Me.

much love always <3