SNES Chrome Theme

I put together a small theme for Google Chrome. Nothing really major, lol, but I was tired of seeing my browser look the same for so long. I visited the chrome store, found some ‘ok’ themes. Some of the google published themes, were pretty alright in terms of color choices. Still, they didn’t have anything that really fit my desktop wallpaper and over all theme. So I made my own theme. Its pretty clean, somewhat basic and minimal, but that is kinda my style. There is some inspiration taken from the SNES color palette. I added a pretty minimalist background to the browser that I found online. I wish I could find the original artist of the image, but just couldn’t find the source. Nonetheless, I did adjust and edited the original image to fit the theme a bit.

I considered publishing the theme to the google store, but there is a paywall there, and I just dont see myself publishing much to that platform. So in the meantime, if you like the theme, I included instructions for installation. Its pretty simple and Drag & Drop.

Enjoy! Cheers! <3

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