Synth Pop Album Art

Recently worked on putting together some album art and a short promo animation for a friend. Johnnybgood is a super talented electropop artist/producer making fun retro game inspired tunes on a Teenage Engineering OP-1. He spends most of his time making music for other artists as a producer and is often a guest musician for other bands supporting them on tours and helping them record and finalize their albums.

This time around, Johnny decided to focus a bit on himself and produce and release music for himself, and it is **S T E L L A R**.

For the work I did, I used Aseprite as the main pixel art tool. I used it for the color palette, sketching and character animations. The art was then exported at 400x scale and imported into Adobe Premiere where I put together the assets and dropped in a custom spectrum visualizer.

Check out the release video, his music and all that stuff at his instragram page: